As we close out 2019 and look forward to 2020, we are excited to be able to release certain beers that will be returning and adding a few new beers as we go!  This calendar isn’t every beer we will be releasing, as we monitor our core and year round beer distribution, tank space will be available for the various collaboration or special release.  So, always check social media to ensure the most up to date and accurate information, as there are a lot of moving parts and schedules do change, but we will be doing everything in our power to stick to this schedule.

New for 2020!

This year, we will be adding a few new beers that you may notice from our annual calendar schedule.

For Valentine’s Day, we want to make something extra special for this Hallmark holiday.  We will be releasing a special Passion Fruit IPA that will be available in cans and on draft.  Mark your calendars to ensure you get what your loved one wants this time around!

Since we missed Oktoberfest, but it is one of our favorite holidays, we can’t wait until Fall for this one, so we are making an executive decision to celebrate this one sooner.  Join us as we have one big Half-Toberfest 2020!  Our first annual Half-Toberfest will include all the German foods, bands, and more.  Get your lederhosens and dirndls out early this year for this one and less raise a liter of Marzen to celebrate.  This one will be available in cans and on draft.

Pink Boot’s Beer will be our annual collaboration with the Pink Boot’s Society Florida to celebrate International Women’s Day.  Amanda will be working with fellow craft beer industry women to brew a NEIPA with the special YCH Hop Blend that will be chosen for all of the collaboration brews around the world.  Look for this one available in cans and on draft.

Day Light Savings Dry Hopped Pilsner will be another new release this year.  Tired of the sun setting too early in the day?  Getting off work when it’s already dark, after arriving to work when it’s dark?  Join us both when time springs forward and falls back for a series of Dry Hopped Pilsners that will make us happier in those dark times.  The hop varieties will be changing with each series, but you’ll be able to grab these in both cans and on draft.

This year, we will be making sure we release a pumpkin ale as we hit those fall weather when we can enjoy pumpkin EVERYTHING!  With Half-Toberfest happening in the Spring, we still want it to feel like Fall here and there’s no better way than to add pumpkin.  This will be a nice balanced pumpkin ale with those Fall themed flavors and spices you are looking for.  This one is another one we will be canning and offering on draft.

As always, we will continue to carry a NE IPA that will change out quarterly, as well as ensuring Suck It, Trebek and Silo DIPA make a return.  Tiers for Years and Hazel Nutty Cracker will be back to celebrate our Anniversary and close out the year with the Holiday flavor.  Of course we will maintain our three core beers, Joyland IPA, Bungalow Belgian Witbier, and Toboggan Blonde Ale, with those growing in the market.  Keep an eye out for more sightings of Park Hopper Pilsner, Guavacation, and Tupac ShaPorter, as those are slowly leaking into distribution and out in the market.  Looking forward to an amazing 2020!

IPBCo Annual Brewing Schedule 2020