At Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co., our commitment to community and excellence goes beyond the craft in your glass. Step into our world, where style meets brewing, and explore the diverse range of merchandise that reflects the heart and soul of our brewery.

Wear the Craft

Crafted Comfort

Our selection of shirts is more than just fabric; it’s a statement. Immerse yourself in comfort with our soft cotton tees, adorned with unique Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co. designs. From classic logos to exclusive artwork, each shirt tells a tale of craftsmanship.  Wear what you drink!

Seasonal Styles

Just like our beer lineup, our merchandise evolves with the seasons. Embrace the warmth of fall with cozy hoodies or beat the summer heat with board shorts and straw hats. No matter the weather, we’ve got your style covered.

Sip in Style

Glassware Galore

Elevate your drinking experience with our exclusive glassware. From sleek can shaped pint glasses to elegant tulip glasses, each piece is designed to enhance the flavors of your favorite brew. Bring the taproom experience home with every sip.

Limited Editions

For the collectors and connoisseurs, our limited-edition glassware is a must-have. Featuring unique designs and collaborations, these pieces are a testament to the artistry behind the beer.  Our Half-Toberfest half liter or Return to Joyland tasters are a great keepsake!

Represent in Every Sip

Branded Accessories

Extend the Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co. experience beyond the taproom. Explore our range of branded accessories, from keychains to coasters. Each item is a small but impactful reminder of the brewery you love.  Also, available for your pup, so you guys can match in style!

Drinking at Home

For the home, our merchandise includes growler essentials. Bring home the goods with our branded growlers and take a piece of Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co. into your home or to share at a party!

Unleash Your Inner Brewer

DIY Style

Customize your style with our DIY merchandise. Unleash your inner artist with plain shirts and accessories, ready for your creative touch. Tie-dye, paint, or bedazzle—make it uniquely yours.  We have our white shirts available, but it works on all merchandise!

Share the Love

Our merchandise isn’t just about brewing style; it’s about community. Share the love for Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co. by gifting our merchandise to friends and family. Spread the joy of great beer and great style.

Visit, Shop, and Brew in Style

Step into our taproom, explore the merchandise, and take a piece of Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co. home with you. Whether you’re sipping from our glassware, donning our shirts, or creating your beer to go in a growler, you’re not just buying merchandise; you’re brewing style.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of craft beer, not just in the glass but in every aspect of your brewing journey. Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co. merchandise is more than clothing and accessories; it’s a reflection of the passion we pour into every pint. Cheers to style, craft, and community!  Also available online in our shop for shipping Nationwide.