Central Florida has seen a lot of new faces entering the Craft Brewery industry and with that, there has been a lot of growth.  With new breweries opening up, this allows for more access to the beer drinking market and better education to the every day beer drinker.  To keep up with this growing market, Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co. recently took delivery of (3) 25 barrel fermenters and (1) 30 barrel brite.  This is adding to their current production volume of (4) 15 barrel fermenters and (1) 15 barrel brite tank, increasing annual production from 1,500 barrels to 5,000 barrels, allowing for expanding their distribution market from Orange and Osceola County into Seminole and Lake County.

With delivery of the tanks happening in early June, IPBCo is hopeful to have them online with beer by mid to late June, with distribution into Seminole and Lake County by the end of the month.  Look for your favorite IPBCo beer in cans at most ABC, Total Wine, Lucky’s Market, and 7-11 locations.